NFT game Axie Infinity has crossed USD 1 billion in sales

by: Dynasty GI2021-08-15
The Pokémon-inspired and Ethereum-based NFT game, Axie Infinity, broke the US$ 1 billion mark, far ahead of its nearest rival. The Blockchain-based game, launched in 2018, has more than a million daily active users and nearly as many owners.
According to Decrypt News, the second most successful non-fungible token game is NBA Top Shot, a basketball trading card game running on the Flow Blockchain and totalling US$ 675 million in sales, followed closely by Ethereum-based CryptoPunks at US$ 657 million.

In essence, Axie Infinity is a monster-battling game, just like Pokémon-style traditional videogames. However, it is considerably more expensive to play, costing around three times more to acquire elements than traditional games.
"Unlike typical games, players can sell their tokens on secondary markets, explaining Axie Infinity hitting the USD 1 billion mark in transactions."


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